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Sweet Valley University is part of the Sweet Valley High young adult book series created by Francine Pascal. The series featured twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield starting college. Unlike any of the other spin-offs, SVU covered two years of the twins' lives, their freshman and sophomore years in college.

Books[edit | edit source]

  1. College Girls
  2. Love, Lies, and Jessica Wakefield
  3. What Your Parents Don't Know
  4. Anything for Love
  5. A Married Woman
  6. The Love of Her Life
  7. Good-bye to Love
  8. Home for Christmas*
  9. Sorority Scandal
  10. No Means No
  11. Take Back the Night*
  12. College Cruise

    Sweet Valley Twins

  13. SS Heartbreak
  14. Shipboard Wedding*
  15. Behind Closed Doors
  16. The Other Woman
  17. Deadly Attraction*
  18. Billie's Secret
  19. Broken Promises, Scattered Dreams
  20. Here Comes the Bride*
  21. Lifeguards: For the Love of Ryan
  22. Lifeguards: Elizabeth's Summer Love
  23. Lifeguards: Sweet Kiss of Summer*
  24. His Secret Past
  25. Busted!
  26. The Trial of Jessica Wakefield*
  27. Elizabeth and Todd Forever
  28. Elizabeth's Heartbreak
  29. One Last Kiss*
  30. Beauty and the Beach*
  31. The Truth about Ryan
  32. The Boys of Summer
  33. Out of the Picture
  34. Spy Girl
  35. Undercover Angels*
  36. Have You Heard About Elizabeth?
  37. Breaking Away
  38. Good-bye, Elizabeth*
  39. Summer Break: Elizabeth Loves New York
  40. Summer Break: Private Jessica
  41. Summer Break: Escape to New York*
  42. Sneaking In
  43. The Price of Love
  44. Love Me Always**
  45. Don't Let Go
  46. I'll Never Love Again
  47. You're Not My Sister
  48. Road Trip: No Rules
  49. Road Trip: Stranded
  50. Road Trip: Summer of Love*
  51. Living Together
  52. Fooling Around
  53. Truth or Dare*
  54. Rush Week
  55. The First Time
  56. Dropping Out*
  57. Who Knew?
  58. The Dreaded Ex
  59. Elizabeth in Love*
  60. Elizabeth (Secret Love Diaries)
  61. Jessica (Secret Love Diaries)
  62. Sam (Secret Love Diaries)
  63. Chloe (Secret Love Diaries)
  • Where a thriller would go into the series at, though the thrillers don't follow the series

Thrillers[edit | edit source]

  1. Wanted Dead or Alive
  2. He's Watching You
  3. Kiss of the Vampire
  4. The House of Death
  5. Running for Her Life
  6. The Roommate
  7. What Winston Saw
  8. Dead Before Dawn
  9. Killer at Sea
  10. Channel X
  11. Love and Murder
  12. Don't Answer the Phone
  13. Cyber Stalker: The Return of William White, Part 1
  14. Deadly Terror: The Return of William White, Part 2
  15. Loving the Enemy
  16. Killer Party
  17. Very Bad Things
  18. Face It
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