Suzanne Devlin was a character in the Sweet Valley High series of books.

Suzanne Devlin
Status Out of the series
Gender female
Age 16
Family Tom Devlin (father);
Felicia Devlin (mother)
Portrayed by

The daughter of one of Ned Wakefield's college friends, Suzanne Devlin makes her first appearance in SVH #11 Too Good to Be True. Suzanne lived in New York, and her parents were very wealthy. She had been sent to boarding schools most of her young life.

Mr. Wakefield and Mr. Devlin suggested a daughter exchange for the Spring Break. At first it was supposed to be Elizabeth who was to go to New York, but Jessica wanted the trip more than anything. She ultimately manipulated Elizabeth to give up the trip by spreading an outright lie about her friend, Lila Fowler having feelings for Todd Wilkins.

Elizabeth met Suzanne, and at first glance, she was friendly and not at all stuck up, the way some would think a diplomat's daughter would, but appearances were very deceiving. Elizabeth then saw Suzanne for who she is, a very snobby and manipulative girl who would do anything to get anything she wanted. She would lie; connive and manipulate people to believe anything she wanted.

She stole Elizabeth's prized lavaliere necklace and slipped it in her suitcase; and perhaps even worse, completely lie about Mr. Collins trying to seduce her. At a birthday party for Lila, Elizabeth confronted Suzanne about the stolen necklace. Suzanne, who had no idea that Elizabeth had gotten wise to her, still tried to placate her, but to no avail. Upon realizing that Elizabeth HAD seen through her lies, Suzanne planned to try to turn everyone against Elizabeth.

This failed when Winston Egbert came in and spilled punch all over Suzanne's dress. Her true venomous nature came out and she berated Winston for his clumsiness. Elizabeth watched on smug as Winston took off the lavaliere necklace that Suzanne had been wearing and returned it to her. She realized that her jig was up, and after Aaron Dallas told her that he didn't want to be with her, she screamed at him as well. Having lost all her friends, the defeated Suzanne began to sob. She is sent back home the very next day for Jessica to face her parents' wrath.

Suzanne returned for the last time in a non-canonical Super Edition called Special Christmas. People still remembered how she behaved before (the events of SVH #11) and didn't want anything to do with her. However, this time, she was sincerely sorry. Suzanne had not been feeling well, and she was supposedly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis; but it was later revealed that she had had mononucleosis, and she had been misdiagnosed as having MS. At that time, Todd was planning on being with Suzanne, and they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but since Super Editions were not a part of canon, no more of that relationship was ever brought up.

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