Secrets is the second book in the Sweet Valley High series. 

Jessica Wakefield is a contender for the Queen of the Fall Dance at Sweet Valley High.  She sees this as a chance for her to snare Bruce Patman the most sought-after senior at SVH.  She thinks of him as the only shoo-in to be King, and as such schemes to be chosen queen. 

However, she has a challenger to the coveted title, that of Enid Rollins, her twin sister, Elizabeth's best friend.  She then proceeds to scheme to get her out of the running. 

Enid and Elizabeth's friendship is sorely tested when a letter that a boy named George Warren had written her was accidentally left, and Jessica took said letter, photocopied it, and told Enid's present boyfriend, Ronnie Edwards all about it.  The jealous Ronnie wrathfully broke up with Enid, and Jessica is gleeful.  Using his position as the head of the dance committee, Jessica wangles a date with Ronnie. 

Enid, however, thinks that it was Elizabeth who had told Ronnie all about her letters, and her past, and the two have a ferocious fight about it.  While Enid is being gossiped about, another vicious rumor is spread, about Nora Dalton, the school's french teacher, and a friend of Enid's.  Ultimately, it was revealed that Lila Fowler, who spread the rumor about her supposedly sleeping with a student, a rumor that was ultimately proven false.  The student in question was Ken Matthews, who had been having troubles with french.  Ken discovered Lila's duplicity and broke off their date for the dance. 

Meanwhile, Enid is reunited with George, and then also repairs her friendship with Elizabeth.  Elizabeth, herself furious at Jessica for her savage conniving concerning Enid, then takes a page from Jessica's playbook and spreads a rumor about Winston Egbert and how Jessica wanted him to win the title of King.  Winston DOES win the title of King of the Fall Dance, while Jessica does win the Queen's title, but was kept from being with Bruce.  Jessica was humiliated, and was infuriated with Elizabeth for her humiliation.

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