Roger Collins was a minor character in the Sweet Valley High book series.

Roger Collins
Status Alive
Gender Male
Job Non fiction Writer
Former job High School Teacher
Family Teddy (Son)
Spouse May (Ex-wife)
Series Sweet Valley High
Portrayed by

Character[edit | edit source]

Roger Collins was one of the most popular faculty members at Sweet Valley High. As well as teaching English, he was also the faculty advisor for The Oracle, the school newspaper. He is also Elizabeth Wakefield's mentor and closest adult confidant, aside from her parents. Despite his relaxed nature, like most of the teachers at Sweet Valley, he was also firm.

While her sister, Jessica also thinks highly of him, she has also been punished by him as well. Most notably in the "Club X" story, in SVH#86, Jessica Against Bruce, in which Bruce Patman and his black leather jacketed friends, (which Jessica was a part of) increasingly decide to disrupt a tour by a delegation of foreign teachers. The whole group eventually got detention from the principal, Mr. Cooper.

Despite his professional success, Mr Collins has had a tumultuous personal life. His marriage to ex-wife May produced a son, Teddy, of whom he gained custody after their very messy divorce. May retaliated by not returning Teddy during one of her custody visits. Teddy was eventually returned and May was never heard from again.

In SVH #11 Too Good To Be True, Roger almost lost his job after Suzanne Devlin claimed that he had tried to rape her. The story was proven false thanks to Elizabeth's suspicion on Suzanne and discredited her. She is expelled from Sweet Valley High and Roger retained his job. He briefly dated Nora Dalton, Sweet Valley's French teacher. He has a sister named Heather.

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