Roger Patman (born Roger Barrett) is a character in the Sweet Valley High series.

Roger Barrett-Patman
Gender Male
Age 16
Family Paul Patman (father, deceased);
Linda Barrett (mother, deceased);
Bruce Patman (cousin);
Henry Wilson Patman (uncle, deceased);
Marie Vanderhorn Patman (aunt, deceased)
Portrayed by

Roger Barrett made his first appearance in SVH#9 Racing Hearts. He was a janitor at one of Sweet Valley's office building, and had a huge crush on wealthy Lila Fowler. Lila scorned him as she felt that he was beneath her; and he had been taunted by Bruce Patman also for the same reason. For most of his appearances, he was close friends with Olivia Davidson, a girl who was one of Elizabeth Wakefield's best friends.

However, in SVH#15 Promises, he is stunned when his mother, his only living relative, is struck with a heart attack. She is flown to Houston for medical treatment, done by Bruce's father, Henry Patman, who had once employed Linda Barrett at Patman Canning Company. Eventually, she passes away, but when she died a lot of secrets were revealed.

It turned out that Roger was the son of Henry's brother, Paul! And Paul was wealthier than Bruce's father. So, he became Roger Patman. His entrance into high society was awkward. While Henry welcomed his new nephew with open arms; Bruce and his mother, Marie, were not as welcoming, expecting him to know how to be in high society. And as if that wasn't enough, Jessica Wakefield was working with his aunt Marie to break him and Olivia up.

Eventually, Henry stepped in and told Marie that one of their guests, a Mrs. Ferguson, had been very rude, and Roger handled himself with as much grace and dignity as befitted a Patman. And, according to Henry, "even if Roger hadn't been polite, she'd had it coming to her!"

With time, Bruce and Marie unbent and even became more welcoming to Roger. Bruce, despite his arrogance and his belief that he was superior towards everyone else, genuinely cared about Roger.

He and Olivia were a steady couple until the two parted as friends in 1992.

Roger dies during the Earthquake before Senior Year as mentioned in Sweet Valley Senior Year # 48 Sweet 18 but this is later retconned when he is a movie producer and married to Zoe Jones; a rock star in Sweet Valley Confidential.

In the Sweet Valley High TV Series, although Roger doesn't appear in itself, he is replaced with a surfer cousin named Reggie Patman known as Shred.

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