Pi Beta Alpha is a fictitious sorority in the Sweet Valley High book series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The sorority is the most popular on the SVH campus, and because of the haughtiness of some of its members, also called the snobbiest. The male equivalent is Phi Epsilon, while not as snobby, was run by egocentric Bruce Patman.

Jessica Wakefield was the president of the sorority, and she, along with Lila Fowler and others of her friends, intend to keep it exclusive. Her most blatant attempt on this, was against junior Robin Wilson, who had the misfortune of being obese. Using some of the most cruel hazing tactics possible, they subsequently blackballed her. However, Jessica's twin sister, Liz, is good friends with Robin and did her best to get her accepted by the sorority. When that didn't work, Liz confronted Jessica for blackballing her. She defends her actions, stating that Robin's obesity was unacceptable for the sorority's image. However, Liz isn't convinced due to knowing how shallow and conniving Jessica is. She has threatened to expose her and Pi Beta Alpha for their actions against Robin in an article on The Oracle if they don't overturn their decision. Jessica refuses and points out that she can do whatever she wants as president of the Pi Beta Alpha. When a now healthy and newly cheerleader, Robin, had made an accusation against the sorority, the members are taken by surprise. The Pi Betas mentions they had no prior knowledge to the blackball and appealed to the public to let them investigate it. Despite the public's skepticism, they allowed the Pi Betas to prove their innocence and investigate. The members did an investigation and discovered that Jessica had been blackballing potential members based solely on their families' incomes, popularity and whose mothers were once part of Pi Beta Alpha.

Later on, the Pi Betas had apologized to the newly name Miss Sweet Valley High, Robin, and offered her the membership. She stunned them all by declining it. Robin remembered how Jessica and the others were rude to her with their cruel hazing and blackballing her when she was obese and found who her true friends are. Jessica was later kicked out of Pi Beta Alpha for her elitist behavior after she publicly humiliated Robin in front of everyone else about her blackball on the football field in an article on The Oracle.

Although Jessica had been the president, Liz isn't as involved with the sorority as she would like. Elizabeth and her friend, Enid Rollins are members in-name-only as neither want anything to do with the sorority seeing it for what it really is: elitist and self-centered.

Besides the twins, Lila and Enid, other members include Amy Sutton; Cara Walker; Sandra Bacon; Jeannie West; Suzanne Hanlon; Jennifer Morris; and Maria Santelli.

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