Outcast is the 41st book in the Sweet Valley High series.  This story picks up on the death of Regina Morrow from the previous book, On the Edge. 

Molly Hecht is having a very rough time of it at SVH, since Regina's death.  Pretty much everyone in the school has ostracized her and her friends, most notable among them, those who knew and loved Regina, namely the Wakefield Twins; Bruce Patman and pretty much the entire school.  And for her, there is no solace at home either.  Her parents have grounded her indefinitely for throwing the party that killed Regina, and her father coldly tells her that she is going to attend school every single day and to face the ostracism and to take it. 

Also, Jessica has an idea to set up a memorial scholarship in Regina's name, under the auspices of Pi Beta Alpha, the sorority in which she is president of.  Even Elizabeth is impressed and is thrilled that her sister's idea worked out so well. 

During that time, although she scorned her like everyone else, Elizabeth is seeing that there is more to this than everyone is seeing.  She is beginning to see that Molly's nerves are near the breaking point and the stress of rejection is getting to her. 

With the aid of Justin Belson, Molly's ex-boyfriend, Elizabeth discovers that Molly has nearly emptied out her bank account.  She had plans to leave Sweet Valley with Buzz Jackson, a notorious drug dealer, who had supplied the deadly cocaine that killed Regina.  Molly feels that since nobody in school or at home would miss her, she figured on leaving town. 

However, Buzz, strung out on cocaine, wanted a fight, and he attempted to fight Justin with a knife.  With the aid of Elizabeth, who had called the police, Justin defeated the evil drug pusher, and he and Molly were reunited. 

After a few weeks, and some talks with Mr. Collins, Molly was feeling better, and gained a new friend in Elizabeth. 

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