Nora Dalton was a fictional character in the Sweet Valley High book series.

Nora Dalton
Status Alive
Gender Female
Job High School French Teacher
Series Sweet Valley High
Portrayed by

Ms. Dalton was the high school French teacher at Sweet Valley High school. She was popular, in a way, shy, but also very firm to her students, but she was fair as well. Her first appearance, in SVH #2, Secrets, she was the victim of some nasty rumors by Lila Fowler, about her supposed relationship with student Ken Matthews. The rumors were started as a result of Ms. Dalton dating her father, George. This was exposed when Cara told on Lila to Todd in how she nearly ruined Ms. Dalton's reputation that lead to her losing her date with Ken.

In one of the Super Editions Perfect Summer (Which aren't often considered part of the regular Sweet Valley continuity) it was supposedly revealed that her real name was Beth Curtis, who had been married to a man named John Curtis, a rich man from a town in Arizona, after his death, she moved to Sweet Valley. Lila, who would consider Ms. Dalton, her adversary, used this as a weapon on her; but of course, failed.

She was close to Enid Rollins and provided her with motherly advice. Ms. Dalton convinces her to talk to Elizabeth and get her side of the story before accusing her. Besides the aforementioned relationship with George Fowler, she has also casually dated Roger Collins, the English teacher.


Ms. Dalton was described as beautiful with long black hair and blue-grey eyes

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