Maria Slater is a key character in the Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Twins book series.

Maria Slater
Status Alive
Gender Female
Series Sweet Valley High
Sweet Valley Twins
Sweet Valley Senior Year
Portrayed by
TV Suzanne Bridgham

Character Edit

Pretty and outgoing, Maria is a friend of protagonists Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. She arrives in Sweet Valley following her career as a successful child star. Unconventionally beautiful, Maria has striking features and long black hair with red tips. She is easily one of the most distinctive and talented girls in the school. On occasion, she clashes with the other girls in her class due to her popularity with her male classmates.

Maria's interests focus on the performing arts. A member of the school's cheerleading team, she also excels at ballet, tap dancing, baton twirling, and ventriloquism. In the Sweet Valley Twins books, she and Jessica are rivals for the starring role in the spring ballet recital.[1]

Maria pretends to be friends with Lila Fowler throughout the majority of the Sweet Valley series, although this is largely due to a scheme intending to turn the students of Sweet Valley High against Lila. Her best friend prior to moving to Sweet Valley was Shawn Brockaway, another child star with whom she appeared in several musicals.


Sweet Valley TwinsEdit

In the series, Maria first appears in the novel, Jessica and the Secret Star. Jessica had planned to win the school talent show with a rhythmic gymnastics routine and feels intimidated by Maria's dance skills. After Jessica threatens to spread rumors about Maria should she participate in the show, Maria drops out and the two become friends. She joins The Unicorn Club, an elite, all girls club that only accepts the most popular girls in the school. Lila Fowler and Ellen Riteman are also members of the club.

Sweet Valley High Edit

As one of the most popular girls in school, Maria only associates with those who share her passion for performing. Her closest friends included Lila Fowler, Jessica Wakefield, and Amy Sutton. Maria dates fellow star Cam Geary throughout the series, and shares her first kiss with him. The pair get engaged during their junior year of high school, agreeing to marry the day following their high school graduation.

Sweet Valley Senior YearEdit

As a teenager, Maria yearns to return to a career as a professional actress. She spends most of her free time auditioning for plays and scheming to meet agents and casting directors. In the novel Trouble Maker, Maria hides inside a casting director's coat closet in order to eavesdrop on audition opportunities.[2] At the series' conclusion, Maria graduates as her class's salutatorian and keeps her promise to Cam by marrying him the day after their commencement ceremony.


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