Maria Santelli was a member of the twins’ class at Sweet Valley High School. She was a pretty,popular brunette who was on the cheerleading squad,a member of the Pi Beta Alpha sorority,and friends with Jessica Wakefield. She dated Winston Egbert in high school,and was briefly engaged to Michael Harris before she met Winston. Her father Peter ran for mayor of Sweet Valley.

Characterization[edit | edit source]

Given that a popular girl like Maria dated a geek like Winston,one can assume that Maria isn’t as shallow as Jessica Wakefield,Lila Fowler,or girls like them. Amy Sutton seems to have been friends with Maria. Maria also seems to have been a close acquaintance of Elizabeth Wakefield, if not exactly a friend.

According to the cover of SVH regular book 34, Forbidden Love, Maria has dark curly hair and grey eyes:however,other books state that she has brown eyes.

The only series Maria has made major appearances in is Sweet Valley High (Book Series). She is alluded to in Sweet Valley University, at the time of which she and Winston have broken up.

Her surname may indicate Italian ancestry,but this is uncertain.

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