This is a list of episodes in the Sweet Valley High (T.V. Series), which starred Brittany Daniel and Cynthia Daniel as twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield respectively.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Sweet Valley High, Season One debuted in syndication on September 5 1994 and ended on February 20 1995. There were 22 episodes. A DVD of the season was released on March 8, 2005.

# Original title Directed by Written by Original Airdates Prod. code
1 "Dangerous Love"

Hijinks ensue when Elizabeth and Jessica are both nominated for Homecoming Queen.

Note: Scott Daniels, the college freshman in this episode, was taken from book five of the series, "All Night Long", while the ending pool sequence was based on a similar event in book one, "Double Love."

2 "Oracle on Air"
Elizabeth and Jessica compete for the role of presenter on the in-school news program.
3 "Skin and Bones"
Jessica poses for famous artist Dakota Dancer and is horrified when he paints her nude.
4 "Critical Mess"
When Jessica hears through the grapevine that Bruce's uncle, a Hollywood director, is in town, she is determined to get a role in his movie.
5 "What, Me Study?"
Winston accesses Mr Russo's computer to gain a copy of the chemistry quiz.
6 "Almost Married"

Todd moves into the Wakefield house when Liz's parents are out of town. Note: Based loosely on book 102 of the same name

7 "The Curse of the Lawrence Mansion"
The gang spend Halloween at school, where they attempt to revive a student who died 25 years ago.
8 "The Prince of Santa Dora"
Elizabeth's pen-pal, Prince Arthur Castillio, visits Sweet Valley and falls in love with Jessica.

Note: Based on book 91, "In Love With a Prince" and Sweet Valley Twins book 30, "Princess Elizabeth"

9 "Coma"

Elizabeth falls into a coma after an accident on Todd's motorcycle.

Note: Based on books six and seven, "Dangerous Love" and "Dear Sister"

10 "Uh Oh Seven"
Liz writes a spy novel after watching a James Bond movie.
11 "Secrets"

When Enid's new boyfriend Ronnie asks her to be spokesperson for an anti-drugs campaign, she is terrified he will discover her own history with drugs.

Note: Based on book two, "Secrets".

12 "Photographic Evidence"
Liz takes a photo of three suspicious men on the beach, one of whom turns out to be a witness wanted by police.

Note: based on book 72, "Regina's Legacy"

13 "Club X"
Jessica takes drastic measures when she joins Bruce Patman's daredevil club.

Note: Based on SVH Book 86, "Jessica Against Bruce" Kurt Rambis guest stars as a friend of Elizabeth's.

14 "Poetic Injustice"
Jessica plagiarises one of Elizabeth's poems to impress a guy.
15 "Stolen Diary"
A rejected date steals Elizabeth's diary and spread her secrets around the school.

Note: Based on book 84 of the same name.

16 "Love on the Line"
Enid and Jessica pull a Cyrano de Bergerac when Enid is too shy to meet a quarterback with whom she has been corresponding with.Note: Based loosely on book 87, "My Best Friend's Boyfriend".
17 "Working Girl"
Lila's father forces her to work at the Moon Beach cafe, where she falls for delivery man Heath.
18 "Dancin' Fools"
Jessica and Lila compete in the Pacific Freestyle Dance.
19 "Kidnapped, Part 1"
Elizabeth and Jessica volunteer as candy stripers at the local hospital, where they meet television host, Jeremy Frakes.

Note: Based loosely on book 12, "When Love Dies"

20 "Kidnapped, Part 2"
Elizabeth is kidnapped and Winston is a suspect.

Note: Based on book 13 "Kidnapped!".

21 "Kidnapped, Part 3"
Elizabeth and Jessica are placed under protective custody when Peter escapes from jail.
22 "Say Goodbye"
Todd is accepted into a prestigious sports academy - in Vermont.

Note: Based on book 23 of the same name and book 14, "Deceptions".

Season 2[edit | edit source]

The second season of Sweet Valley High debuted in syndication on September 11, 1995 and ended on March 25, 1996. There were 22 episodes.

# Original title Directed by Written by Original Airdates Prod. code
1 "Summer Lovin'" September 11, 1995
Liz is thrilled when Todd returns to Sweet Valley - until she discovers he was kicked off the team.
2 "Model Behavior"
Famous model Tatyana Thomas comes to Sweet Valley, hoping for a fresh start.

Note: Cheryl (Tatyana) Thomas is Annie Whitman's stepsister in the book series

3 "Promotional Rescue"
Bruce and Jessica are left in charge of the Moon Beach; Liz, Enid and Cheryl go on a girls camping trip.
4 "Dark Side of the Moon"
Winston catches Todd trying to steal a car; Liz starts dating again.
5 "IQ Commeth"
Jessica - and everyone else at Sweet Valley High - is shocked when she receives the highest score on the college compatibility test
6 "False Possessions"
Enid dates Todd; Jessica and Lila are caught shoplifting.
7 "A Fair to Remember"
Todd's new friend Jason dates Liz and Jessica at the same time.
8 "It's My Party and I'll Ditch It If I Want To"
Jessica bows out of the annual Wakefield sleepover, preferring to attend dinner with Bruce and his Harvard friends.
9 "Blunder Alley"
Todd crashes Liz's bowling date.
10 "Like Water for Hot Dogs"
Liz wonders if Todd will ask her out for their anniversary.
11 "The Quick and the Blond"
Liz discovers that Bruce's ancestor Bruno did not found Sweet Valley as he claims.
12 "Mixed Doubles"
When Bruce falls for the Brazilian exchange student, he and Jessica start dating to make her jealous; however, they discover that they may be interested in each other.
13 "Reading, Writing, Rescue"
Winston becomes Jessica's genie after she saves his life.
14 "The War of the Pom Poms"
New student Heather Malone is made cheerleading co-captain; Jessica quits in disgust and forms her own squad.

Note: Based on the cheerleading mini-series, "Jessica Quits the Squad", "The Pom Pom Wars" and "V For Victory".

15 "You Call This a Wonderful Life"
At Christmastime, an angel shows Elizabeth and Jessica how their friends lives would have turned out if the twins had never been born.
16 "Sam Enchanted Evening"
Jessica meets Sam Woodruff at a motorcross race.
17 "Totally Clueless"
Jessica and Lila try to win a pool contest held at the Moon Beach.
18 "Win Sam, Lose Sam"
Sam wins a sponsorship and the chance to race in Australia, but Jessica doesn't want him to leave Sweet Valley.
19 "Identical Opposites"
Jessica and Elizabeth must pretend to be long lost twin sisters when they appear on the Foxie Jones Show.
20 "One Big Mesa"
Practical jokes abound in the lead up to the big Sweet Valley vs Big Mesa game.

Note: Power Rangers' actress Catherine Sutherland guests in this episode as Ginger, the Big Mesa's journalist and Jessica and Lila's rival.

21 "Sam Kind of Wonderful"
Lila is jealous of all the time that Jessica is spending with Sam.
22 "A Look Back in Anecdotes"

Set in the future, talk show host Jessica and journalist Elizabeth return to Sweet Valley to sell their house, which leads to reminiscing about their time in Sweet Valley.

Note: This was the last episode for Ryan Bittle, Bridget Flanery, and Chris Jackson.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Sweet Valley High, Season Three debuted in syndication on August 26, 1996 and ended on February 10, 1997. There were 22 episodes.

# Original title Directed by Written by Original Airdates Prod. code
1 "Much Ado About Nachos"
The gang holidays in Mexico.
2 "Shred Reckoning"
Bruce joins the army and his cousin arrives in Sweet Valley.
3 "Imperfectly Fit"
Liz takes a job at The Tribune and develops feelings for a co worker; Jessica and Lila are desperate to be a part of the fitness video that Cheryl is hosting.
4 "The Man of My Screams"
Todd suspects that Elizabeth likes co worker Peter and has Manny and Winston spy on her.
5 "Are You a Man or a Mouse?"
Liz breaks up with Todd.
6 "The Mondo Chill"
Elizabeth and Peter spend their first date at home, caring for a sick Jessica.
7 "Surfing the Nets"
The group make a bet to see who can give up their bad habit (no flirting for Jess, no sports talk for Todd, etc) for 24 hours.
8 "Mall Brats"
Elizabeth and Peter break up; Jess and Lila take jobs at the mall.
9 "Swish Upon a Star"
Elizabeth is sick of Jessica's selfishness; Todd's ego grows out of control after he scores the winning points at a game.
10 "The Tooth Hurts"
Todd asks Liz for help with his televised Headline America interview.
11 "Rock Around the Block"
Todd is kicked off the basketball team for illegally accepting gifts.

Note: Based on a Sweet Valley University plot. Power Rangers' actor Jason David Frank guests in this and the next three episodes as AJ and he appears in the opening credits.

12 "Lofty Ambitions"
Jessica continues to see AJ, a musician.
13 "Shakes, Fries, and Videotape"
Winston creates a commercial for the Moon Beach and asks Liz to star; AJ's band mates force him to choose between Jessica and the band.
14 "A Star is Torn"
AJ's band gets their big break after Jessica gives their demo tape to a DJ.
15 "Ready, Set, Snow!"
Jessica and Lila's Scrooge-like behavior at Christmas sees them visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.
16 "Don't Stand So Close to Me"
Todd starts seeing Carrie after learning that Liz has a new boyfriend.
17 "All Along in the Water Tower"
Liz is swamped with dates after her comments are heard over the intercom; Jessica dates Silos, who turns out to be Enid's cousin.
18 "My Fair Shred"
Shred is faced with military school.
19 "Sweet Valley Fever"
Jessica plans a 70's disco dance at Sweet Valley.
20 "Crimes and Cappuccinos"
Jessica spends time with Enid after Lila disappears.
21 "Search for Liz"
After hitting her head on a door, Jessica dreams she and her friends are characters in a soap opera.
22 "Might as Well Jump"
Jessica's plans of a Europeon summer are threatened when she fails her social studies test.

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Sweet Valley High, Season Four was the final season for the show and the first and only season to be aired on a network. It debuted on UPN on September 15, 1997 and ended on October 14, 1997. There were 22 episodes. No official finale was filmed, as it was believed that the series would be picked up for a fifth season.

# Original title Directed by Written by Original Airdates Prod. code
1 "Romance Wasn't Built in a Day"
Enid's wins a trip to Brazil for her and her friends.
2 "Loose Lips Sink Yachts"
Devon Whitelaw's arrival in Sweet Valley causes a stir.

Note: Based loosely on book 138 "What Jessica Wants".

3 "Drag King"
Jessica uses a love potion to attract Devon.
4 "The Right to Bare Midriffs"
Todd and Winston are involved in a case of Internet mistaken identity; Jessica, Lila and Renata protest the new dress code.
5 "Lights, Camera, Factions"
Jessica stars in Winston's student film; Devon tries to help Elizabeth lighten up.
6 "A Kiss is Just a Kiss"
Jessica thinks that Devon is the perfect guy, but he only has eyes for her twin sister.
7 "The Kiss Heard Around the School"
Todd punches Devon after learning that he and Liz have kissed.

Note: Based on book 139, "Elizabeth is Mine".

8 "Lucky Streaks"
Jessica is devastated when Liz and Devon start dating; Todd dates Renata in retaliation.
9 "West Coast Story, Part 1"
The practical joking starts up again in the lead up to the Big Mesa game.

Note: Based on book 120, "In Love With the Enemy", although Christian Gorman attended Palisades in the book.

10 "West Coast Story, Part 2"
A fight is scheduled between Sweet Valley and Big Mesa High; Jessica's popularity dips when she dates a Big Mesa student.
11 "Rumble in the Valley"
The fight between the two schools is rescheduled; Devon tries to apologize to Liz.
12 "Devon Whitelaw"
Elizabeth breaks up with Devon in the wake of his violent outbursts.
13 "Skiing is Believing"
Jessica, Elizabeth, Cheryl and Enid take a skiing trip in the mountains and Jessica tries to win a downhill race.
14 "Single in Sweet Valley"
Jessica gets a stalker.
15 "Sailing Solution"
Liz and Todd get back together; Jessica and Lila compete in a Teen Girl magazine competition.
16 "Down by Whitelaw, Part 1"
Liz agrees to help Devon with his anger problems.
17 "Down by Whitelaw, Part 2"
Devon learns what happened to his parents; Sam takes Liz hostage.
18 "Swing Time"
Liz is worried that Todd slept with Renata when they were together; Jessica is warned against working with a photographer.
19 "Down Horoscope"
Jessica and Devon keep their relationship a secret.
20 "A Simple Twist of Mates"
Todd accidentally kisses Jessica.
21 "Ticket to Lie"
Jessica uses Liz's driver's license when she is pulled over for speeding.
22 "Animal Rights and Wrongs"
Elizabeth backs out of a commercial she and Jessica were to shoot when she learns that the cosmetics company tests their products on animals.
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