Ellen Riteman was a character in the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley Kids series. 

Ellen was a close friend of Jessica Wakefield in the Sweet Valley Kids series, where she was also more friendly with Elizabeth Wakefield; but in Sweet Valley Twins, she was mainly Jessica's friend, while she didn't spend as much time with Elizabeth. 

She, like Jessica, was a member of the Unicorn Club; and would also team up with her and Lila Fowler in order to snob kids she did not really like.  Notable people who were treated shabbily by Ellen were Nora Mercandy; as well as Ginny Lu Culpepper. 

In High School, Ellen wasn't ever even mentioned, nothing was known what had happened to her; though her place was taken by Cara Walker, who, in turn, was superseded by Amy Sutton, ironically, Elizabeth's former best friend. 

Her family included her parents and her younger brother, Mark.