Photo from University, Interrupted.

Chronologically the final chapter in the series before the series picks up again for the chapter "Sweet Valley Confidential" and the only spin-off that did not feature Jessica directly. Continues from the plot that occurred at the end of Sweet Valley University; Elizabeth flees to London, intending to continue her schooling.

The books are:

  1. University Interrupted- Elizabeth Wakefield is not going back to Sweet Valley University. Her sister betrayed her. Her boyfriend broke her heart. And her parents are against her. There's nothing for her to go home to. So where is she supposed to go? How about London . . . as far away as possible?
  2. London Calling- Elizabeth has no money and no friends and still in London. She takes a job as a maid in an earl's manor under an assumed name, Elizabeth Bennett.
  3. A Royal Pain- He's engaged to someone else. Elizabeth is falling in love. With Max. Heir to the earl's fortune. Fiancé to a duchess. (Do people like this really exist?) They're completely different. But there's something there
  4. Downstairs, Upstairs- She's in trouble. Big trouble. Liz could get deported. Unless someone from Pennington mansion stands up for her. But who? Everyone hates her. Especially Sarah, her boss's daughter, who'd love to see her sent back to America. However, Max believes in Liz's innocence and after a lengthy investigation, exposes Sarah for her bad deeds. Humiliated, Sarah confesses that she and Victoria set Liz up because Max wouldn't love return her love for him. She also admits that she resented her own mother for liking Liz better than her. Liz's name is restored, while Sarah and Victoria are arrested for their scam.
  5. Max's Choice- Max finally chooses between Liz and the duchess.
  6. I Need You- Jessica heads to London, telling Elizabeth to come home and she can explain everything. When Liz refuses and tells her to stay out of her life, Max convinces Jessica to explain herself here. He also convinces Liz to listen to an explanation. She finally decides to listen to Jess and learns about Sam's two-timing ways. She admits she never got a chance to explain herself because Liz was too angry to listen. After she left, Jessica was reprimanded by Steven for the incident. He gave her an ultimatum: either she brings Liz home and explain herself or he will tell their parents everything.
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