Caroline Pearce (often referred to as Cee Pee) is a character in the Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley Twins series.[1]

Caroline Pearce
Status Alive
Gender Female
Series Sweet Valley High
Sweet Valley Twins
Sweet Valley Confidential
Portrayed by
TV Lynne Robbins

Character Edit

Chatty and snarky, Caroline "Cee Pee" Pearce is the gossip of Sweet Valley and frequently finds herself embroiled in trouble in an attempt to gain information. She has lived in Sweet Valley for most of her life, with the exception of three years at the High School of Fashion Industries.[2] Caroline is recognizable by her frizzy red hair and the large bag of camera equipment she carries with her at all times in the event that she should witness something interesting. Caroline writes a gossip column for the student newspaper and eagerly tries to scrounge up juicy stories about her classmates. Because of her nosiness and willingness to reprint personal information, Caroline is disliked by the majority of the students. Her only true friend is Jœrgen , an exchange student from Sweden, largely due to a language barrier that keeps Jœrgen from fully understanding Caroline's gossipy nature.[3]

Caroline's interests center around her love of gossip. In addition to posting secrets about her fellow students in the school newspaper, she also enjoys baking, singing, and listening to opera. She works part time for a local private investigator who helps her learn new ways to obtain information about her classmates. In the Sweet Valley Twins books, she gains notoriety for making up false stories about other students when she fails to obtain any legitimate gossip. After she publishes a story claiming that Jessica Wakefield is dating biology teacher Mr. Wells, she is suspended from school for two weeks.

Caroline attempts to refrain from gossip for brief periods, most notably after several girls on the cheerleading team steal her shoes as retribution for a mean article, but she ultimately returns to her catty ways.


Sweet Valley TwinsEdit

In the series, Caroline first appears in the novel, Sneaking Out. In the book, Jessica makes plans to sneak out of her house in order to meet her boyfriend, a student at Santa Rosa Junior College.[4] Caroline creates a special edition of the school newspaper with a story about Jessica's plan on the front page. Caroline leaves a copy of the newspaper on the Wakefield family's doorstep. Jessica's parents are delighted that Caroline allowed them to thwart Jessica's plan, but Jessica vows revenge.

Sweet Valley High Edit

In high school, Caroline is shunned by many students and, in an attempt to appear popular, creates an imaginary boyfriend for herself. To explain why her boyfriend never appears at school events, Caroline tells the other students that he is incarcerated in a local youth detention center. [5] She attempts to start her own business as a private investigator. Unfortunately, her business quickly fails after Gretchen Powers hires Caroline to spy on her boyfriend Phil and find out whether he is seeing another woman. During her investigation, Caroline accidentally falls into Phil's pool,breaks his sliding glass door, and puts his car into reverse, which sets it careening into his neighbor's breakfast nook.

Caroline eventually befriends Elizabeth Wakefield, who helps her see the error of her ways. She becomes involved in her local Dunkard Brethren church. In appreciation of her efforts to reform her behavior, the student body of Sweet Valley High agrees to allow Caroline to sing at their graduation ceremony. Caroline chooses to sing We Built This City and dedicates it to all the students who helped "build" her into a better person.[6]

Sweet Valley ConfidentialEdit

Caroline appears in the series as the most successful real estate agent in Sweet Valley. She has gained some weight, but is a cancer survivor.


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