In The "SWEET VALLEY" series, all the primary characters cheated. 

    Like crazy. 

    Elizabeth, the good twin--was often unfaithful to her long-term, on-again, off-again boyfriend Todd... who was the polo-typical soul-mate. The definite love of her life. And she cheated on him again and again. 

    Of all the characters, we know no one cheated more than Jessica. But Elizabeth cheated on Todd as lot. All I'm asking is... how many times? 

    --Sincerely Grateful For Your Help, Dane Youssef

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  • FreddieBensonLover

    My favourite SVH TV Show episodes in Season One are the following:

    #1 Dangerous Love (The first episode is always important!)

    #7 The Curse Of Lawrence Manson (This is one of my favourite Halloween episodes of any TV Show!)

    #8 The Prince Of Santa Dora (It was nice to see the nice side of Jessica!)

    #12 Photographic Evidence (It was a cool mystery episode!)

    #15 The Stolen Diary (I loved the book and I loved the episode!)

    #18 Dancin' Fools (My favourite part was Rico always saying : Time to dance? at random times, even though it has nothing to do with the conversation, and the way he says it is hilarious and also people's reactions [mostly Jessica's] are hilarious!)

    #19, #20, #21 Kidnapped Parts 1, 2, & 3 (I think it was interesting and scary.)

    #22 Say Goodby…

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