Annie Whitman was a Sweet Valley High character. Annie was part of the cheerleading squad.

Annie was introduced in SVH 8 (Heart Breaker). Annie's struggles in joining the cheer squad are the main plot points of SVH 10, Wrong Kind of Girl. Annie dates Ricky Capaldo and later Barry Roarke, Nick Thomas, and Tony Estevan. Prior to Wrong Kind of Girl,Annie was known as Easy Annie because she went out with quite a few boys. Often,she and her boy of the evening would drive up to Miller Point,some ways north of Sweet Valley.

In Sweet Valley Senior Year,Annie is dating Bryce Fisherman,a football player. They are mentioned in Sweet Valley University,but by the end of the series Annie was dating Scott Lannigan.

In The Sweet Life,Annie,who is now a corporate leader,started dating Bruce Patman. They are married early on in the final book.

Trivia Edit

Despite cover art, it is never overtly said that Annie has short hair. However,it is described as brown.

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