Alice Robertson-Wakefield
Status Alive
Gender Female
Age 40s-50s
Job Interior Designer
Family Elizabeth Wakefield (daughter)
Jessica Wakefield (daughter)
Steven Wakefield (son)
Laura Robertson (sister)
Nancy Robertson (sister)
Charles Robertson (father)
Majorie Robertson (nee` Lewis; mother)
Emma Wakefield (granddaughter, via Steven)
Jimmy Wilkinson (grandson, via Jessica)
Todd Wilkinson (son-in-law, via Jessica)
Robin (niece)
Stacey (niece)
Kelly (niece)
Spouse Ned Wakefield (husband)
Hank Patman (ex-fiance`)
Portrayed by
Alice Wakefield was born as Alice Robertson, and is the daughter of Charles and Marjorie (Lewis) Robertson. She has an older sister, Nancy and a younger sister, Laura.

She was once engaged to Henry Patman, but broke up with him and married Ned Wakefield. They had 3 children: Steven, and twin daughters, Elizabeth and Jessica.