A.J. Morgan

Aj morgan.png

Status Alive
Gender Male
Portrayed by
TV Jason David Frank

A.J. Morgan is a recurring character who appears in the Sweet Valley series. He was portrayed by Jason David Frank. Like in the novels, he is Jessica's second serious boyfriend.

Sweet Valley High Novel[edit | edit source]

In the novel, A.J. is Jessica's first serious boyfriend. He is described as red hair, brown eyes and tall. Jessica is instantly smitten with the redhead when he moves to Sweet Valley and becomes shy and demure when he is around, acting more like Elizabeth. Eventually she relaxes enough around him to be herself, and finds that he much prefers her fun-loving, outgoing personality.

T.V. Series[edit | edit source]

A.J. was introduced to Jessica by a rude classmate an neighbor named Guy Chesney when she came over to complain over his band being to noisy. Immediately, she was smitten with A.J.

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